Heritage Baptist AcademyHeritage Baptist Academy was established in 2008 as an educational ministry of the Heritage Baptist Church. It was decided that a day school program would provide an opportunity for the church to increase the teaching of Bible and to enhance character development in the lives of young people within the church. We seek to lead every student to an awareness of the love of God in Jesus Christ. As students grow in their understanding of God, we hope that they will respond in faith to Jesus Christ. Though our student body consists of 11 students, we understand that from the youngest child to the oldest all young people need to have proper worldview if they are to compete with their counterparts.

Our Objective:

I. Spiritually

  1. To present the gospel to all students, seeking to win those without Christ.
  2. To encourage students who have made a profession of faith to live the kind of life that would glorify God.
  3. To teach a Christian orientation to all thinking wherein God is central and Biblical principles are paramount, being applicable to every part of daily life.

II. Intellectual

  1. To challenge students academically in a supportive, but competitive learning environment.
  2. To teach the knowledge and skills required for future study and for occupational competence.

III. Social

  1. To teach students to have the proper respect for and response to authority.
  2. To train students in acceptable social skills when dealing with others i.e. being prompt, courteous, considerate, cooperative, etc.
  3. To teach our American heritage, a love for country, and a respect for other nations.
  4. To teach the current problems facing our country and the world, showing students their present civic responsibilities and to prepare them for adult responsibilities as Christian citizens of our nation.

Since its founding we have been blessed to see 3 students not only graduate from our high school, but we are also fortunate to have 2 of these graduates score in the upper 10 percent of the state SAT’s for Wisconsin.

HBA Conquerors

“Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a twoedged sword in their hand;” Psalm 149:6